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Grants for Workforce Development

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Apprenticeship Related Instruction
Career Coaches
Institutes of Excellence

Middle College

Virginia OJT (On-The-Job Training) Reemployment Project
Regional Career Pathways System
Veterans Employment
Virginia Workforce Development System Course
WIA Incentive

Apprenticeship Related Instruction

Name of Grant: Virginia's Community Colleges, Workforce Development Services, Apprenticeship Related Instruction Program Grant, FY 2013- 2014, May 2013

Funding Source: State General Funds

Purpose of Grant: To support and ensure instructional rigor and relevance for all apprenticeship related instruction in Virginia by collaborating with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI), employers, school divisions and regional career and technical education centers, and local community colleges.

Population Served: Sponsors and registered apprentices in Virginia

Eligible Applicants: School divisions and regional career and technical education centers and local community colleges located in Virginia that provide apprenticeship related instruction in concert with registered apprenticeship programs.

Due Date: Friday, June 21, 2013. at 5:00 p.m.

VCCS Contact: Elizabath J. Moran

Career Coaches 

Chancellor's Award for Exemplary Career Coaches

Name of Grants: High School Career Coach Funding Opportunity 2013-2014

Funding Source: Chancellor’s Award for High School Career Coach Programs is funded by state funds.  Colleges receiving awards will receive an official letter of award. Current grant recipients can find request for reimbursement (or fiscal) forms below.  For information on the funding source of a specific awarded grant contact MaChere Dickerson or Scott Kemp.
Purpose of Grant: All VCCS administered career coach grants provide support for payroll, benefits, and local and state travel for career coaches who are community college employees based in local high schools to facilitate college and career planning for high school students.

Population Served: High School students in high schools served by a career coach.
Eligible Applicants: Career coach supervisors at community colleges 
Due Date: July 15, 2013

 VCCS Contact: Scott Kemp

Career Coach Reimbursement Forms for 2011- 12 grant awards

VCCS Contact:Scott Kemp

Institutes of Excellence

Name of Grant:
 Institute of Excellence 2013 Project

Funding Source: Institute of Excellence projects are funded by state funds. Colleges receiving awards will receive an official award notification.

Purpose of Grant: To enable colleges to meet the Institutes of Excellence legislative requirements to contribute to the "development of statewide training programs to meet current, high demand workforce needs of the Commonwealth." To support the Chancellor's 2012 Goals and Achieve 2015 for workforce development.

Population Served: Business and industry, workforce and economic development organization to partner with community colleges to offer the Institute of Excellence project.

Eligible Applicants: Workforce Development and Continuing Education Leaders

Due Date: 
Grant application due June 22, 2012. Submit application to

VCCS Contact:
Mindy Fast

Middle College

Name of Grant: Chancellor's Award for Middle College 2013-2014

Purpose of Grant: The purpose of this funding opportunity is to assist applicants in providing services that focus on the following three outcomes for the targeted population of 18-24 year old adults.

  • Assist population in achieving a GED certificate
  • Assist population in enrolling in postsecondary education program
  • Assist population in earning a Career Readiness Certificate

Population Served: 18 -24 year olds without a high school diploma or GED credential.

Eligible Applicants: Danville Community College, Germanna Community College, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, New River Community College, Rappahannock Community College, Southside Virginia Community College, Patrick Henry Community College and Thomas Nelson Community College.

Due Date: July 15, 2013

VCCS Contact: Caroline Thurston

Application and Guidelines. Once Completed send to WDS Grants

Line Item Budget Worksheet. Once Completed send to WDS Grants


Name of Grant: On-Ramp

Funding Source: State WIA Rapid Response

Purpose of Grant: To prepare unemployed and underemployed adults to reenter and succeed in the skilled workforce through scholarship assistance for community college and workforce programs leading to industry recognized credentials and through career and educational coaching services.

 Population Served: Adults who are unemployed or underemployed due to business closures or downsizing, layoffs or high regional unemployment rates.

Eligible Applicants: Community Colleges

2012-2013 On Ramp Program Funding Opportunity - Request for Proposals

Purpose of the RFP: To solicit proposals for continued funding in support of the On Ramp Program which is designed to effectively deliver training and coaching services to unemployed and underemployed clients.

Due Date: May 18, 2012

VCCS Contact:  Scott W. Kemp

Program Information

Data and Reporting Information

Forms for Use with Students

Resource Materials from Statewide Meeting - September 22, 2011

Veterans Employment

Name of Grant: Rapid Response Assistance Program For Veterans' Employment

Funding Source: Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Rapid Response Assistance Funds

Purpose of RFP: The Virginia Community College System announces the availability of up to $1.25 million of WIA Rapid Response funds to transition veterans into high-wage, high-growth occupations.

Population Served: Recently separated veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard and Reservist, as well as eligible military spouses.

Eligible Applicants: Public or private non-profit Local Workforce Investment Boards, education and training providers, and faith-based/community based organizations.

Due Date: December 19, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.

VCCS Contact: Najmah Thomas

Virginia OJT Reemployment Project

Name of Grant: Virginia OJT (On-the-Job Training) Reemployment Project

Funding Source: ARRA/NEG Workforce Investment Act Funds

Purpose of Grant: The Virginia OJT Reemployment Project is intended to prepare long-term dislocated workers to enter a new industry or trade, gain prerequisite occupational skills, competence and knowledge, via placement into approved, paid on-the-job training positions (for a period not to exceed six months) and culminate with permanent employment following the successful completion of the training period.

Population Served: This grant funded project will be active in five state of Virginia Workforce Investment Board (WIB) areas:  New River/Mt. Rogers WIB (Area 2), South Central WIB (Area 8), Northern Virginia WIB (Area 11), Bay Consortium WIB 13 (Area 13), and Greater Peninsula (Area 14).

Eligible Applicants: The Virginia OJT Reemployment Project will focus exclusively on dislocated workers meeting the Federal Project criteria of 1) eligibility for WIA Dislocated Worker services; 2) having been laid off after January 1, 2008; and 3) having been unemployed beyond Virginia’s average Unemployment Insurance duration of 27 weeks. Employer participation will be limited to those in the private sector.  The Virginia OJT Reemployment Project will fund up to 90% of qualified trainee’s wages for up to six months.

Due Date: The grant funding period runs from September 1, 2010 through July 20, 2012.

VCCS Contact:Jim Antonick


Important dates for Perkins 2012-2013 grant applications are as follows:

April 27, 2012, 10:00 AM Postsecondary Perkins Recording
June 15, 2012: Perkins Applications from Community Colleges Due to VCCS
July 1, 2012: Funding Awards Distributed

1.  Postsecondary Perkins Grants 2012-2013

Name of Grant: Postsecondary Perkins

Funding Source: Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006

Purpose of Grant: Postsecondary Perkins grants are targeted to the improvement of community college career and technical education programs through the development and expansion of career pathways that prepare students for careers in high skills, high demand, or high wage fields and that connect employers to education.  The VCCS Workforce Development Services division is responsible for administering Perkins programs at the postsecondary level at all 23 community colleges in VA. 

Population Served: Community college career and technical education (CTE) students

Eligible Applicants: Community College Perkins Administrators 

Due Date:  June 15, 2012

VCCS Contact:  Jim Antonick (Program) MaChere Dickerson(Fiscal)
College Contacts: College Contact List 2012

1a. Postsecondary Perkins Grants 2011-2012 Fiscal Reimbursement Requests

Perkins Postsecondary grant reimbursement requests should be made using Online Management of Education Grant Awards (OMEGA) found on the Virginia Department of Education website at or by logging here All 2011-2012 Perkins funds must be spent on or before June 30, 2012 and reimbursements requested no later than July 31, 2012.

1b.Postsecondary Perkins Grants 2011-2012 Fiscal Revision Forms for Omega Submissions

1c. Postsecondary Perkins Grants 2011-2012 Carryover Fiscal Reimbursement Requests

Regional Career Pathways System

Name of Grant: Regional Career Pathways System Grant

Funding Source: Ford Foundation

Purpose of Grant: To support development of operational frameworks through which regions can build or improve career pathways systems.

Population Served: May include an entire regional workforce, or a specific population of participants within a region’s workforce system such as high school students, young adults without a high school diploma or equivalency, college students, working adults, displaced workers, or youth or adults with specific barriers to education and employment such as foster youth or single parents.

Eligible Applicants: Will be issued to organizations representing a regional partnership that is comprised of at least some of the following partners in a career pathways system: economic development organization, Workforce Investment Boards, community colleges, universities, private colleges and technical schools, school divisions, adult education programs, social services agencies, and community based organizations.

Due Date:  Closed 

Virginia Workforce Development System Course

Name of Grant: Virginia Workforce Development System Course
Funding Source: Workforce Investment Act
Purpose of Grant: To solicit proposals from the community colleges that have the capacity to develop and deliver an online training course to provide an overview of Virginia’s Workforce Network and the role of the One Stop system in that System.  The course is primarily designed for workforce development professionals based in One Stop Career Centers.  The course developer will collaborate with the VCCS and other designated subject matter experts to expand as necessary on available content, to organize content into training modules and assessments, and to present the content on line.  Currently the training content includes a course outline and learning objectives and will need to be augmented by the course developer.  A certification will need to be issued to the workforce professional at the conclusion of the course.  It is expected that the community college receiving this contract will offer the on line course including registration of participants and tracking of participants successfully completing course.  Data on individuals taking the course and completing the course will need to be provided to the VCCS on a regular basis through reports.   

Eligible Applicants: Community College Workforce Development Departments 
Due Date: March 30, 2012

VCCS Contact: Valaryee Mitchell

WIA Incentive Grants

Name of Grant: Two categories of funding: Regional Collaboration and Local Coordination

Funding Source:  State Workforce Investment Act Funds

Purpose of Grant:  Improve performance and visibility of WIBs

Population Served: All populations depending on type of project proposed

Eligible Applicants: Workforce Investment Boards

Due Date: May 1, 2014

VCCS Contact: Katherine Coates

Regional Collaboration and Local Coordination


Important Dates

Deadlines for Final Fiscal Reimbursements

For 2011-12 grant awards:

Career Coaches:
July 20, 2012

Middle College:
July 20, 2012

On Ramp:
July 20, 2012

July 31, 2012

Deadlines for On Ramp Semester Reporting

Spring 2012:
June 12, 2012

Important Info

Please use the following CFDA numbers  

Perkins Leadership Jobs Database Grants84.048

GEAR UP/ Career Coach Grants84.334

Perkins and Perkins Carryover Grants84.048

WIA Grants for Advance Manufacturing Skills Project — 17.259

WIA Grants for Career Coaches  — 17.259

WIA Grants for Middle College — 17.259


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