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Postsecondary Perkins


The intent of the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006 (also known as Perkins IV), is to ensure continuous improvement of career and technical education programs offered at both secondary and postsecondary levels through the development, assessment, and continuous improvement of secondary to postsecondary career pathways or programs of study comprised of academic and career and technical education (CTE) instruction.  The VCCS Workforce Development Services division is responsible for administering Perkins programs at the post-secondary level at all 23 community colleges in VA. 

Population Served

Students enrolled in CTE programs.  Postsecondary programs also support outreach programs such as career coaching and dual-enrollment to high school CTE students enrolled in the secondary component of a secondary to postsecondary career pathway. 

Program Features

In VA, Perkins programs at local colleges align with the definition and goals of career pathways established by the state strategic plan for Virginia’s Career Pathway System, Bridging Business and Education for the 21st Century Workforce.  Each Perkins program administered by the VCCS provides a connected series of education and support services designed to enable participants to secure employment within a specific industry or occupational sector and to advance over time to successively higher levels of education or employment in that sector.  Operating within community college CTE programs, each local Perkins career pathway program is charged to deliver the following: 

  • Align education with state and regional workforce needs as defined by employers
  • Inform and advise learners about career and training opportunities in key industries
  • Issue degrees, certificates, diplomas, and certifications that are meaningful to employers and portable for individuals preparing for changing careers
  • Ensure access to postsecondary education by providing learners with career and educational advising, including assistance with college admissions and financial aid
  • Utilize and promote articulation agreements that foster smooth transitions for individuals to progress in education and training
  • Provide experience-based learning, including cooperative education, internships, service learning, and business-based projects designed to foster employability skills. 

Program Outcomes

In 2009-10, 104,333 students were enrolled in Perkins supported community college degree or certificate programs, and 11,232 students earned degrees or certificates in Perkins programs of study.  College Perkins programs are annually assessed for performance against five federal performance measures.  These are Technical Skills Attainment, Program Completion, Retention and Graduation, Employment and Retention in Employment, and Non-Traditional Gender Participation and Completion. 

Grant Related to Program

Through Perkins (Title I) funding, in the 2010-2011 academic year, over $3.2 million was distributed to local community colleges.  Annual grant awards to local colleges range from over half a million dollars to $50,000 based upon the number of Pell award recipients who are also formally enrolled in community college CTE programs. More information about the grants can be found on the Workforce Grants Page - Perkins Section. 

Important dates for Perkins 2012-2013 grant applications are as follows:

TBA Release of Postsecondary Perkins application for 2012-13 (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013)
TBA : Postsecondary Perkins Webinar to Review Application and Requirements for Local Grant Recipients
June 4, 2012: Perkins Applications from Community Colleges Due to VCCS
July 1, 2012: Funding Awards Distributed 
More information about the grants can be found on the >Workforce Grants Page - Perkins Section. Perkins Grants


Definition of Workforce Credential for Achieve 2015 and Perkins

For the purpose of state and federal reporting on participant attainment of workforce credentials, the VCCS recognizes the following types of credentials:

• College degrees, diplomas, and career studies certificates
• Nationally recognized certifications awarded by external organizations or associations
• Non-credit certificates endorsed by Workforce Investment Boards, Chambers of Commerce, employers or professional 
• State licensures
• Journeyman licenses for which community college delivered apprenticeship-related instruction


Perkins Measures: Numerators and Denominators
Perkins Annual Report
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VCCS Career Pathways Definition
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Perkins Programs of Study
VCCS Non-Traditional Programs
Peer Collaborative Resource Network
National Career Pathways Network


Postsecondary Perkins Contact List

Jim Antonick
Postsecondary Perkins Coordinator
Workforce Development Services
(804) 819-1674

MaChere Dickerson
 Financial Analyst
(804) 819-4948

CTE Awards 2012

The Virginia Community College System in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education is pleased to announce the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Creating Excellence Awards for 2011-2012. The secondary and postsecondary awards recognize excellence in the following categories: CTE exemplary programs, advisory committees, and business and industry partnerships. The CTE Excellence Awards promotes best practices in education and recognizes educators for exemplary contributions that improve the quality of CTE programs. The goals of the CTE Excellence Awards are to:

~Promote improvements in academic achievement and technical skills attainment;

~Prepare students for transitions from secondary schools to postsecondary education and careers;

~Strengthen the connection between secondary and postsecondary education; and

~Create partners that support, promote, and enhance career and technical education.


The completed application is to be returned by March 30, 2012 to Mindy C. Fast,


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