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High School Career Coaches

Virginia Community Colleges High School Career Coaches are community college employees who are based in local high schools to help high school students define their career aspirations and to recognize community college and other postsecondary programs, including apprenticeships and workforce training, that can help students achieve their educational and financial goals.

This new informational DVD on Virginia's statewide High School Career Coach program is available for distribution through the VCCS by contacting Scott Kemp at or 804-819-4968.

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Program Features
Program Outcomes
Program Resources
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High School Career Coach Sustainability Workshop Powerpoints

Program Features

The fundamental purpose of the VCCS High School Career Coaches Program is to empower students to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans and to prepare students for success in postsecondary education and training. While the day-to-day functions of a career coach vary according to local needs, major responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating the development of individual career plans and portfolios.
  • Administering and providing interpretation of career assessments, such as the Virginia Education Wizard.
  • Relating information on careers, career pathways, and related employment.
  • Connecting students to early college programs such as dual enrollment.
  • Easing the transition of students from high school to postsecondary education and the skilled workforce.

Career Coaches 2011-2012
High School Career Coaches 2011-2012

Program Outcomes

During the 2010-2011 school year, high school career coaches served in 168 high schools across Virginia, providing individual or small group coaching to over 38,000 students. As a result of working with a career coach, over 19,000 students developed written academic and career plans. Some of the impacts of the program in 2010-2011 include:

  • 86% or greater satisfaction rate of students receiving coaching services based on the coaches interest in student career needs, knowledge of career information, and assistance in making career and college plans.
  • 47% change in students without plans to continue to postsecondary education prior to meeting with the coach to having plans to continue to postsecondary education after meeting with a coach.
  • 95% of high schools principals indicating that the coach program met or exceeded overall expectations.
  • 9,500 recent graduates from high schools with coaches enrolling in community college. 
  • 4,300 recent graduates from high schools with coaches enrolling in CTE Programs at a community college, including STEM programs.
  • 18,800 11th and 12th grade students from high schools with coaches taking dual enrollment courses.

Grants Related to Program

Visit our Workforce Grants Page - Career Coach Section

Program Resources

CareerCoachHandbook The new and improved career coach manual is now available, Contact for more information.

Career Coach Contact Lists

Scott Kemp
Career Coach Coordinator
Workforce Development Services
804-819-4968 - Phone
804-819-1699 - Fax
804-382-4404 - Work Cell Phone



Featured Items

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Career Coach Student Survey
This survey is used by high school students who have received services from a career coach to share their feedback.

Presentation by  Scott Kemp on the VCCS Career Coach Program at NCPN


Program Information Pamphlet and Flyer



Career Coach Funding Budget


Career Coach Regional Map

Career Coach Regional Map

See interactive map

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