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Valley Proteins Fellows 2013-2014

Meet the 10 students selected as Valley Proteins Fellows this year!

The core mission of Virginia Community Colleges' most prestigious scholarship program, the Valley Proteins Fellows Program, is to help promising, second-year students pursue their academic goals and strengthen their leadership skills. In addition to receiving full tuition, book expenses and fees, the Fellows participate in a unique curriculum of intellectual and cultural activities. They also volunteer 80 hours of community service to hone their leadership abilities and develop a strong foundation for future success.

Virginia Foundation for Community College Education (VFCCE) has selected 10 outstanding students to be part of the third class of Valley Proteins Fellows.

Margo Fairchild
J. Sargeant Reynolds
Jeremy Miller
J. Sargeant Reynolds
Angelica Garcia
Eastern Shore

Ron Anderson
Lord Fairfax

Mary Hedges
Piedmont Virginia
Carper Vega

John Carper
Southwest Virginia

Armando Vega

Albert Kates
Thomas Nelson

Laura Asbury
Jonathan Warren

The program is made possible through the support of Valley Proteins, Inc., based in Winchester. “Valley Proteins is privileged to invest in the future of some of Virginia’s most outstanding students,” said Vice President Michael A. Smith. “These young people are tomorrow’s leaders and we are confident that the returns for our investment in them will be substantial.”

“This isn’t an easy scholarship to earn,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges. “Those who are selected are talented, motivated and dedicated to succeed. They’re the kind of students who give you confidence in the future of our commonwealth and country.”


For more information, contact:
The Virginia Foundation for Community College Education
101 North 14th Street, 15th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Dr. Jennifer Sager Gentry
Executive Director

Ms. Anne McCaffrey
Director of Development & Scholarships



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