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Godwin Society Scholarships

Departing State Board members become members of the Godwin Society, named after former Governor Mills Godwin, who created the Virginia Community College System in 1966.

In 2012, Godwin Society Scholarships are created to honor three board members retiring from the State Board. The one-year, full-tuition scholarships will be awarded to students attending a community college this coming fall.

Thanks to the Gilmer, Sadler, Ingram, Sutherland and Hutton Law Firm; Babcock and Wilcox; and Capital Results for making these scholarships possible.

  Gary Hancock   Nathanial Marshall   Rob Shinn
  The Gary Hancock 
Godwin Society Scholarship
  The Nathanial X. Marshall Godwin Society Scholarship   The Rob Shinn
Godwin Society Scholarship


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Dr. Jennifer Sager Gentry
Executive Director

Ms. Anne McCaffrey
Director of Development & Scholarships



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