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2011 Professional Development Grants and
Workshop Mini-Grants Final Reports

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Fall 2011

College Title Name Email Final Report
BRCC Integrating Active Learning Techniques into the Physics Classroom Kenneth Phillips

BRCC Discover and Learn: Incorporating Interactive Lesson Plans through Instruction Using a Digital Film Streaming System Stacey Effrig

BRCC Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! The Road to Oz through Generational and Multicultural Awareness Susan Simmers  F2011-18W-CF
CVCC Teaching the Mobile Generation Juville Dario-Becker F2011-20W-FF
CVCC OPERATION NATURE TRAIL RESCUE: Engaging Students in the Establishment of an Outdoor Learning Lab Teresa Ranson F2011-421P-FF
GCC Fall 2011 Instructional technology Summit—Innovations in Teaching and Learning Juliette Mersiowsky F2011-22W-PF
JSRCC VCCS Oral Communication Competency Assessment: Three College Pilot of Standardized Rubric and Comon Speech Assignment  Cynthia De Riemer F2011-411P-FF
JTCC  Creating an Interactive, Digital Teaching and Learning Resource Alexandr Tolj F2011-417P-FF
NVCC Student Engagement through Team-based Learning: Incorporating Team Assignments into the Curriculum Amy Harding F2011-425P-PF
NVCC The Underground Railroad Quilt Codes, Fact or Fiction Elizabeth Tebow/Tindell F2011-433P-PF
NVCC Facilitating a Community of Practice for Biology Instructors Lucinda Miller F2011-413P-PF
NVCC Create a Website for Storing Best Practice Teaching and Learning Materials Specifically Geared Towards Gen 1.5 Students. Memuna Sillah F2011-431P-PF
NVCC Making the Invisible, Visible: A Visual Dialogue between Art and Science Lecture Tour Rebecca Kamen

NVCC Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Through Music Wendy Matthews


Summer 2011

College Title Name Email Final Report
BRCC Paralegal Exploration Lisa Kara SU2011-395P-FF
BRCC Canine Physical Rehabilitation Janice Larsen

BRCC  Expanding Internationalization of the Nursing Curriculum and Cultural Awareness of Community College Nursing Students through an Exploration of Chinese Alternative Medicine Drew Strong

DSLCC Multiplying Memories: Using Technology to Research, Organize and Archive Educational Experiences of African Americans in the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia (1930s through 1960s) Cynthia Boteler

NRCC The History of Distance Education at a VCCS college: Innovation through Teamwork Tom Faigle 

NVCC Creating a Super Computer at a Super Price Edward Delean

NVCC Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Critic of the Dutch Colonial World and Decolonization in Indonesia Charles Evans

NVCC A Multi-media Lecture for an Interdisciplinary Natural Science Course on Water Rebecca Kamen

NVCC Distance Physics Laboratory for Virginia Walerian Majewski

NVCC Development of a New Geoscience Field Course: "The Geology and Oceanography of Delmarva Barrier Islands" Kenneth Rasmussen

NVCC Developing a Certificate program for Building Inspection—Local, National and International (Developing countries) Nazanin Saidi

NVCC DpBestFlow for Photographers Barbara Southworth

NVCC Physics Laboratory Experiments At Home Tatiana Stantcheva

SWCC Professional Development Project: Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop Joseph Trivette

TCC Social Change and Intersectional Activism Book Completion Sharon Doetsch-Kidder


VWCC Improving Student Retention through Utilization of Best Practices in Community College Career Centers Ruth Hendrick


VWCC Meeting Workforce and Student Needs through Improved Services and Opportunities in Community College Career Centers Rhonda Perdue


Spring 2011

College Title Name Email Final Report
GCC Research on Partnerships for India Study Abroad Sunithi Gnanadoss SP2011-372P-PF
GCC BYOC: Bring Your Own Course! Cheryl Huff

LFCC Spring 2011 Instructional Technology Summit—Innovations in Teaching and Learning Joan Osborne SP2011-5W-FF
NVCC Making the Invisible, Visible: A Visual Dialogue between Art and Science Rebecca Kamen

NVCC A Comparative Study of Student Learning Outcomes for Research Papers in Dual Enrollment and On-campus Jay Steere SP2011-377P-CF
NVCC Robotics in Engineering Education Monica Mallini   SP2011-379P-CF.PF
NVCC Teaching in Black and White: Using the Newspaper as a Text in the Composition Classroom Meena Nayak SP2011-380P-PF
PVCC A Novel Approach: Feeding a Book Manuscript to Writers' Conference Wolves Andrew Smith

SWCC Music Instruction and Perform Professional Development Project Joseph Trivette

TNCC Emerging Scholars in Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Robert Crumpler


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