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Developmental English

Integrate and Celebrate: Seeing the Connections between Reading, Writing, and Information Management

Session Description

This webinar will share the benefits of an integrated reading and writing course design and course delivery model by exploring the natural links between the two processes. In addition, this session will share an instructional sample which shows the integration of skills as the instructor moves from the analysis of a paragraph (reading) to the creation of a paragraph (writing) to the organization of paragraph content for study (information management).


Brenda Ashcraft

Learning Objects

To view the associated learning objects, click here.

The key is as follows:

In the document labeled VWCC.ENG.120215.Ashcraft.Spring 2012 Syllabus for English 07.docx, the following information is contained:

  • VWCC = coming from Virginia Western Community College
  • ENG = pertaining to developmental English
  • 120215 = the date it was recorded (12=2012, 02=February, 15= the date)
  • Ashcraft = the author’s last name
  • Spring 2012 Syllabus for English 07 = the exact title of the document
  • .docx = a docx file


Combining Developmental Reading, Writing, and Orientation: An Integrated Approach to Student Success

Session Description


These films are from  Central Virginia Community College’s March 16, 2012 conference entitled "Combining Developmental Reading, Writing, and Orientation: An Integrated Approach to Student Success".




Brenda Ashcraft, Kathy Boylan, and Brooke Ferguson are featured. (To view all of the presentations, click here.)


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