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Articulate Learning Outcomes PSY 200 Pilot Team Grant Program Application

Please remember to read through the entire PSY 200 Pilot Team Grant Request for Proposal page on this site
before you submit your online application.

If you have collaborated with other VCCS colleges, please list them below.

Example: Online Model Course for PSY 200: Principles of Psychology

Describe the Pilot Team's plan for course development strategy which includes a complete course aligned with the articulated learning outcomes provided by the PSY 200 ALO Curriculum Committee. The model course must be designed for easy replication at any VCCS college. Please describe the strategy for developing the following course components:

  • Course calendar
  • Learning objects, class activities, assignments, tests, etc. sufficient to fully support instruction from the first day of class through the final exam. Pilot Teams may, but are not required to, make use of the resource repository provided by the PSY 200 ALO Curriculum Committee.
  • Research-based instructional standards and strategies (e.g. active learning, cooperative/collaborative learning, Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principles, Quality Matters or college adopted model for online effectiveness).

Describe the Pilot Team’s plan for initially adopting the model course at its college(s). Identify course sections to be involved in both the testing phase and the full implementation phase, including:
  • Total number or sections, percentage of total sections offered for that course, and total number of students.
  • Type of sections, such as those instructed by adjunct faculty or by new faculty, all sections at a college or on a particular campus, etc.

Describe the Pilot Team’s plan for consulting with both full-time and adjunct discipline faculty at the host college and/or at other VCCS colleges during the development, review, and revision of the model course.

Describe how the Pilot Team will adhere to the assessment guidelines established by the ALO Curriculum Committee for the direct assessment of student learning outcomes and the indirect assessment of student achievement (e.g. course completion rates).

Describe the Pilot Team’s plan for promoting the model course system-wide and for supporting VCCS discipline faculty with the implementation of the model course (e.g. webinars, workshops, and/or presentations at Peer Group meetings, the New Horizons Conference, and Center for Teaching Excellence events). This strategy will include a print or electronic resource guide.

Provide a description of how the Pilot Team will use the $5,000 award, which may include release time for faculty developers, stipends, technology purchases, professional development costs, or other expenditures that conform to state policies (consult with the college business office).

Please provide any additional information that would assist reviewers in assessing the merits of this proposal.




  • Drafts of the PSY 200 ALO Curriculum Committee materials will be available throughout the spring and summer. Final materials will be available to the Pilot Teams by September 1, 2012.
  • Electronically submit this VCCS Pilot Team Application by 5:00 pm EST on June 1, 2012. No paper or hard copies will be accepted.
  • Program materials developed or created by individuals employed by the Commonwealth of Virginia are subject to Section 12, Intellectual Property, of the VCCS Policy Manual. Any materials developed or created in full or in part through VCCS ALO Pilot Team Grant Awards must acknowledge the contribution of the college and the VCCS. When allowed under VCCS Policy or through mutual agreement with creators and any other invested parties, all project deliverables developed with VCCS grant funds will be licensed with an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license.
  • Each strategy item must be included. Each strategy should be clear and thoroughly detailed.
  • The decision of the Award Committee is final.


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