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Information Technology

VCCS Technology Vision and Commitment Statement

The VCCS Technology Council drafted and recommended the following Information Technology Vision and Commitment Statement. The Advisory Council of Presidents accepted and recommended approval of the statement.

Vision Statement

The Virginia Community College System will create and sustain a world-class information technology and telecommunications environment that fosters and expands access to exemplary learning and service experiences for all, regardless of time or place.


To achieve its vision the VCCS commits to the following actions:

  1. Providing extensive opportunities and resources for faculty and students to use information and instructional technologies to enhance the processes of teaching and learning.
  2. Establishing and supporting, for all VCCS employees, a comprehensive program of professional development that builds understanding and effective use of modern technologies.
  3. Developing model organizational structures and processes, for implementing and supporting information technology systems that efficiently and reliably meet the needs of students and clients, faculty, and staff.
  4. Reviewing and revising instructional policies, procedures, and support structures to encourage appropriate use of technology to improve student learning and to address current and emerging education and training needs of the Commonwealth.
  5. Creating partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and other entities to leverage VCCS technology capacity in the support of our mission.
  6. Creating and maintaining governance structures for technology which represent the needs of all constituent groups for the purpose of developing technology policy, resolving common technology issues, recognizing new opportunities, selecting appropriate solutions, and proactively addressing external and internal constraints.
  7. Selecting and implementing, with broad-based participation by stakeholders, new information technology solutions to enhance the instructional, administrative, and service functions of the VCCS.
  8. Ensuring widespread access to the information, instruction, and service resources of the VCCS through high quality voice, data, and video services.
  9. Identifying and vigorously pursuing funding solutions to build and sustain technological currency throughout the VCCS.
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