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Audit Services Offered

Compliance Reviews
A review of financial transactions and/or operating controls to determine how well the auditable area adheres with established laws, standards, regulations, policies and procedures. 

Financial Reviews
Assess the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information and the means used to report the information. 

Fraud Reviews
Assess situations or transactions for possible fraud, waste, abuse, and/or illegal acts. If evidence exists of fraud, waste, abuse and/or illegal activity, the effects of the act(s) on an area’s operations are identified.  When investigating a potential fraudulent activity, the Internal Audit Department shall adhere to the Code of Virginia (Section 30-138) in regard to the performance of the investigation.

Information Technology Reviews
Reviews are conducted as part of compliance, financial and operational reviews and as separate IT reviews to evaluate the quality of the controls and safeguards over the information technology resources.  These reviews assess the effective use of information technology resources, adherence to management's policies, and encourage the design and implementation of adequate controls over computer applications and the computing environments in which they are used.

Operational Reviews
A comprehensive review of the varied functions within an organization to appraise the efficiency and economy of operations and the effectiveness with which those functions achieve their objectives.  The review will assess whether an auditable area manages and utilizes the area’s resources economically and efficiently, operating standards exist that measure effectiveness and efficiency, the results or benefits achieved by an area are consistent with the area’s established objectives and goals, and that management monitors the standards and address any deviations. 

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